Cost Advantages of My Healthcare Recruit

According to the Migration Advisory Committee (2016), 10% of the nursing budget is currently spent on agency staff – equating to £1bn/year, or 1% of the NHS total budget.

By recruiting a permanent nurse via my Healthcare Recruit you can:

  • Save £39,000 annually on an agency locum nurse
  • Save £15,500 annually on a bank nurse
  • Recoup all your hiring costs within 12 weeks of employing an agency locum nurse, and within 24 weeks of employing a bank nurse

Annual salaries have been calculated on the following assumptions:

  • Hourly cost for agency locum and bank nurses has been calculated as £39/ hour and £27/ hour respectively, according to the MAC advisory report on Nursing, 2016.
  • It is assumed that agency (locum and bank) roles will be required 37.5 hours per week for 52 weeks of the year.
  • NHS salaries have been calculated as £25,500 (mid-point of a Band 5 salary)

Interview Travel costs have been calculated at an estimate of £3000 per applicant hired (Telegraph, Sept 2015)

Relocation costs have been calculated based on standard relocation procedure costs. Specifics are available on request.

Save on locum and bank staff

Save on travel costs

Save on clinician time recruiting

Save on recruiting costs (non-EEAs have high retention rates)

Save on placement fees

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