Why work in the UK?

Why choose to work in the UK?

All health employers are different – it varies between hospital trusts, and between public employers and private employers. But typically you might expect to receive benefits such as the following…

  • Generous starting salaries
  • Pay enhancements that reward out of hours, shift and overtime working
  • Public transport discounts
  • Private health insurance (private employers only)
  • Broad range of training and development opportunities.
  • Flexible working options including occupational maternity leave, paternity leave, adoption leave, shared parental leave, and parental leave
  • Retail discounts and leisure benefits
  • Generous annual paid leave entitlement plus eight paid public holidays
  • Purchase a new bicycle at a discounted rate via a dedicated Cycle to Work scheme.
  • Discounted childcare vouchers
  • Excellent pension scheme

*Please note this is an illustration only and not a guarantee.


A taste of the UK….what you can expect

The UK has a lot to offer healthcare professionals from abroad looking for a new cultural experience. Here are some of our favourite reasons…

  • History – Everywhere you look in the UK, you’ll see evidence thousands of years of history around you. From the London Dungeons, to Edinburgh Castle and everything in-between, the UK has some fantastic historical sites to visit, and some great stories to hear.
  • Culture – The UK is well known for its cultural “melting pot” where people of different races, religions and culture blend together to create a vibrant community. That means you can eat at a Vietnamese restaurant, see an American movie, and go salsa dancing all in one evening.
  • Healthcare – One of the best things about the UK is our free healthcare system – the National Health Service (NHS) for all citizens. Your relocation package will enable you to benefit from some of our world-class hospitals, and facilities completely free of charge.
  • Beautiful Scenery – The UK is home to some of the most stunning scenery in the world. Spend a weekend in the Lake District walking along Hadrian’s Wall, admire the sea on the seven sisters walk in East Sussex, go camping in a Welsh National Park, or take in some stunning landscape on a train journey in Scotland.
  • Fantastic Location – From the UK, it is incredibly easy to travel to other places in Europe. You can take the Eurostar train from London to Paris in two hours, get an overnight ferry to Amsterdam, or hop on a cheap morning flight to Spain or Italy and be there in time for lunch. The world is your oyster!
  • Pubs and Food – The pub is something unique and special to the UK, with a low-key and relaxed atmosphere that allows you to enjoy reasonably priced food with friends, and experience some of the best British camaraderie around. You might want to try a traditional steak and guiness pie, or some fish and chips!
  • Food – Although historically the UK has had a poor reputation for food, this is changing and we are now well known for being at the cutting-edge of the culinary scene and offering a wide range of cuisines and types of food establishment. This varies from trendy fast food, to high-end street market food, pubs to Michelin starred restaurants. There’s something for everyone.
  • Workers Benefits – The UK is renowned for their excellent work environment. We have a minimum wage, a minimum of 28 days paid holiday annually (NHS), plus public holidays. Employers are mandated to contribute towards an employees’ pension, and there are high health and safety standards imposed by the government. Workers are paid supplements for overtime working, and many are able to benefit from flexible working practices. Many employers offer additional incentives such as retailer discounts, and wellbeing programmes.
  • The People – Whether you end up living in England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales, expect to meet British people who are warm, welcoming and kind. The Brits tend to have a dry sense of humour, but are open-minded and compassionate, and you will certainly find a lot of friendliness amongst them.

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