Our Values

Our mission at My Healthcare Recruit is to facilitate quality interactions between clinicians and hiring managers at the click of a button. We want to evolve the healthcare hiring process so that we place quality international candidates in roles that are hard to fill domestically, at speed, at an affordable cost, and with confidence.

Our Story

My Healthcare Recruit was founded by Sarah Grant. Having previously worked virtually in an international business environment, Sarah identified that more innovative, user-friendly technology could streamline a lot of the processes in the healthcare recruitment sector. As someone passionate about the UK healthcare systems, and with nursing shortages creating significant pressures, Sarah set about building My Healthcare Recruit. Bringing together an innovative recruitment product with a proactive, and energetic team of agents the goal was to revolutionise healthcare recruitment in the UK.

Who we Serve

We deliver effective and innovative staffing solutions to the public, private and not-for-profit sector. We focus on international recruits from non-EEA markets, for permanent Adult General nursing at Band 5 equivalent roles in the UK.

My Healthcare Recruit Team Leads

Managing Director
Innovation Lead
Senior Recruitment Lead

Why are we different?

  • Bespoke video tools – We make it easier for you to meet international talent at the click of a button, with no commitment or upfront cost.
  • Our tailored English programmes – Our large candidate pipeline and comprehensive IELTS English Language Programmes mean we can give you more confidence and certainty in your workforce planning. We can offer you IELTS passed nurses, nurses currently studying on our Classic English Programme, or coordinate an Intensive IELTS Bootcamp to speed up your timelines.
  • Access a wider talent pool more quickly – Candidates can complete video interviews easily from smartphones and aren’t required to be geographically close to a specific agency in order to participate in the recruitment process, meaning you can access talent other agencies aren’t targeting.
  • Competitive rates – We are very competitively priced in the market and have been created to make international recruitment more affordable.

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