What pre-tests can I use in assessing a new joiner in advance of the interview?

What pre-tests can I use in assessing a new joiner in advance of the interview?

One of the recruitment challenges in the healthcare industry is the shortage of qualified candidates. Knowing the types of pre-tests to use in assessing a new joiner in advance of the interview can create better employment outcomes and increase patient satisfaction, healthcare employee engagement, and retention.

Hiring a Nurse with the right nursing qualities is not easy. Many nursing recruitment agencies and healthcare employers are using pre-employment testing to ensure that the new hire is physically and culturally fit to work competently for the organisation. Indeed, the results of pre-employment testing can be very telling. 

Nurses should have finely tuned critical thinking and problem-solving skills to confidently make decisions and develop plans for patient care. Additionally, great work ethics, such as flexibility and dependability are also vital. Strong communication and interpersonal skills for working with patients and collaborating with other healthcare professionals are also relevant. But what types of pre-tests can I use to assess a new joiner in advance of the interview?

Psychometric Tests are considered a key ingredient in the nursing application process. These tests  can include numerical reasoning testsverbal reasoning tests, logical reasoning tests, and situational judgement tests.

Nursing Numerical Reasoning/ Drug Calculation tests

The numerical reasoning test evaluates the new joiner’s ability to analyze, and interpret numerical information that will be provided in charts, graphs, and tables. The test will then demonstrate the capacity to use simple mathematical concepts to analyze data and draw conclusions. A popular pre-assessment amongst our clients is the Drug Calculation pre-test. Moreover, this pre-assessment specifically tests a nurse’s ability to make drug administration decisions under time pressure. If a candidate does not achieve 100%, the reasons for this could be probed at live interview. 

Nursing Verbal Reasoning Tests

Healthcare professionals need excellent communication skills. From listening and responding appropriately to patients’ needs and concerns to documenting medication dosage with medical terminology. Effective verbal and written communication in a hospital setting is vital. Verbal reasoning tests will assess the understanding and comprehension skills of a new joiner.

Nursing Situational Judgement Tests/ Values Based Tests

The situational judgment test is a set of questions of hypothetical events and situations present in the working environment. Based on how the candidate answers the situational judgment test, the healthcare institutions and recruitment agencies will get an understanding of whether the candidate is a good fit. Another popular pre-assessment test amongst our clients is the “Values-based” pre-test. Basically, it involves asking candidates examples of where they have demonstrated a specific Trust value.

As an international healthcare recruitment agency, one technique we use is to record one-way initial interviews to pre-assess how the candidate would respond in certain situations so we can decide if they are a good fit for our Employer or not. These interviews can be speeded up and watched by the employer in order to help inform hiring decisions or second interview decisions, thereby saving them time in the selection process. 

Nursing Logical Reasoning Tests

This logical reasoning test is about assessing the sequence and pattern of identification skills, logical thinking, and ability to approach a problem and solve it. That is why nursing recruiters use logical reasoning tests to determine the new joiner’s ability to think logically and solve complex problems.


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