The process of recruiting from overseas

Recruiting internationally enables you to access a much wider talent pool of qualified healthcare staff, and improve your clinical outcomes in the process. Our main focus is on providing high quality candidates from the Philippines, but we also have links to India and the Middle East.

The recruitment and selection process is easier than you might think, because My Healthcare Recruit focus on making every step trouble-free:

The process works because you can:

  • Screen a wider talent pool in less time – don’t waste time on candidates that don’t meet your needs
  • Review high quality candidates at a time of your convenience
  • Use our easy-scheduling tool to avoid unnecessary coordination of time-zone availability
  • Enjoy easy video interviewing with no downloads or special requirements
  • Access candidates without a desktop computer via mobile-technology
  • Treat candidates equitably by making sure they all have the same interview experience
  • Benefit from our knowledge of video interviewing best practice to get the most from your interactions
  • Collaborate with colleagues through our live video software that enables multiple members of an interview panel to join and participate
  • Quickly share recorded interviews with colleagues
  • Easily rank, rate and comment on candidates as you see them
  • Make hiring decisions quicker, and have your candidates start sooner

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Our agents

We have a network of agents globally who partner with us to ensure we are providing candidates with the best possible experience. All of our agents have signed up to our ethical recruitment policy.

If you are interested in working with us as an agent, please contact [email protected]