Our passion and focus on compliance is at the heart of our business, and the quality of patient’s care and safety is paramount. We have a duty  of care to our clients, clinicians, and the people that you care for every day. We have a variety of processes in place in order to enable us to work with integrity and confidence in this space.

Compliance to inspire trust

As a dedicated healthcare recruiter, compliance is our top priority. We have developed comprehensive processes and safeguards to merit the trust you place in us.

NHS Employers Code of Practice (CoP) Registered

The UK CoP reflects the principles and benchmarks set out in the World Health Organisation (WHO) CoP, which promotes voluntary principles and practices in the ethical recruitment of international healthcare professionals.

Data Protection

We are committed to protecting private information in the strictest of confidence, and are GDPR ready. For more information please see our Privacy Policy.

Comprehensive candidate assessments

Our initial candidate checks include psychometric tests, health checks, and full reference checks.

Ethical Partners

We only partner with ethical recruitment agencies who share our values and commitment to high standards. This includes zero tolerance of corruption in any form. For more information, please see our Ethical Values policy.

Reference Checking

We support employers with full reference checking, including accessing all relevant documentation. Please note that the NMC registration process which applicants are required to undergo in order to enter the UK also involves identity verification, criminal record checking and qualification checks. We can offer additional reference checks with an ISO accredited organisation when required.


We are supported by NHS Innovation North Hub and the Health Foundry, organisations committed to upholding the high standards of the UK healthcare network.

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