Advantages of using video tools to recruit

At My Healthcare Recruit, it is our goal to make it easier for you to meet international nurses and midwives – a valuable talent pool to fill your vacancies.

Reaching today’s healthcare workforce can be challenging.

Our integrated, bespoke video tools help you to:

  • Target a specific candidate community
  • Extend your reach effortlessly
  • Gain more insight on candidates in less time
  • Easily share candidate profiles with other hiring managers to obtain their feedback
  • Only invest time and effort into candidates you’re confident are a good cultural fit for your organisation
  • Avoid some of the challenges of time zone restrictions, no shows, and unsuitable candidates

Sample video profile

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Source candidates

  • Access candidates who aren’t located near to one of the big metro cities, meaning they often miss out on the ‘recruiter’ tours
  • Access candidates who don’t have a desktop or laptop at home and want to use their smartphone to apply for jobs
  • Access candidates who don’t have time to visit a recruitment agency in person during the day because they’re working a 12 hour shift
  • Offer candidates the opportunity to interview at a time most convenient for them
  • Provide candidates with a unique, innovative, and customised interview experience

Save money and time

  • Interview from wherever is most convenient for you with zero travel costs
  • Avoid unnecessary clinician time spent recruiting, and associated staffing cover expenses
  • Quickly assess a candidate’s cultural fit without having to politely endure the rest of the interview
  • Schedule interviews only with individuals you know have strong English Language, and interpersonal skills

Achieve better clinical outcomes

  • A more efficient recruiting process means clinicians can spend more time with their patients, and less time hiring
  • Money saved on recruitment can be reinvested in other areas that benefit patients
  • Hiring permanent staff provides better consistency of care for patients
  • Finding niche talent can fill your clinical skills gaps

How is My Healthcare Recruit different to Skype?

  • Pre-recorded video CVs: Video CVs are recorded using one-way recording technology which means that candidates can record their responses at a time and place of their choice, and employers can watch them at a time that suits them – on the move, or with colleagues. It maximises efficiency, and avoids tricky time-zone scheduling.
  • Low Bandwidth: Our super low-bandwidth technology allows for high quality audio and visual results, even in areas where broadband connections usually struggle. Our bespoke software can instantly adapt the image to match the internet bandwidth available, meaning employers always experience the best possible resolution and sound.
  • Easy Scheduling: Our quick scheduling tool means that employers and candidates can easily align on times and dates they are available, without unnecessary email chains.
  • Coordinate a panel: Invite multiple colleagues to join a live interview so that a candidate has the opportunity to experience facetime with key members of the recruiting team as part of a single conversation.
  • Optimize Collaboration: Share pre-recorded and live candidate interviews with colleagues at the click of a button. Rate and rank candidates on a shared platform and swap notes with colleagues easily.
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